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Finally, the Hybrid truck for most of us is here for just $19,900.

The all-new Ford Maverick is one of the best value vehicles coming into the market, and I was impressed. Where do I start with the pro’s? The 42 MPG I averaged in fuel consumption during a week is excellent. The Flexbed truck box that allows you to carry a 4×8, has a 110 volt power outlet, two 12 volt connectors, and incorporates tie-downs, threaded bed holes, and a bottle opener is quite intelligent. The four doors let the whole family get inside with ease. The 1500 lbs payload is more than you will ever need. And its overall size is practical to drive in town.

This is a compact crew cab pick up, and coming from the leader in this segment; you can tell that it is well built. I personally like the look. I found out that its underpinnings are based on the Ford Bronco Sport. This put a grin on my face. The Hybrid system consists of a 2.5 L four-cylinder Atkinson cycle gas motor and an electric motor that generates almost 200 HP. As I drove it, I had no trouble keeping up with traffic. It felt pretty good even at 75 MPH. The electric motor also assists when passing someone on the freeway with a nice kick of power. The Maverick felt solid and agile like a comparable crossover vehicle would.

The interior is ample, and I liked the texture and colors of the fabric. The interior designer, Daniel George, mentioned that understanding how and what people bring inside the car is what they thought when building the interior. So you find space for 1-liter bottles, deep door pockets, and even a storage bin under the rear seats. The base model is simple but well done. Smartphone integration can be done via Android Auto and/or Apple CarPlay. An 8-inch touch screen controls your audio, phone, and apps.

My first impression has been positive as the Maverick comes in a physical size appropriate for the urban runs, the quick trips to Lowe’s, and getting all your gear to go hiking on the weekend. For the price, it seems a bargain.

The Ford Maverick comes in three trims XL, XLT, and LARIAT, which ads luxury, safety, and AWD. There is an option for a gasoline-only motor that has a bit more power and also a higher towing capacity. These cost more and would add some benefits if you like fancier interiors. The top of the line ends up costing almost $30,000. As trucks have gotten bigger in size, the compact Maverick may be a solution for most of our transportation needs. The base model offers quite a lot for under $20,000 that no other company can match today.